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Spritz this replenishing mist any time during of after sun exposure to refresh and rehydrate your skin. A delightful blend of restoring Chamomile, anti-irritant Calendula and soothing French Rose balances and replenishes your skin's natural moisture. Also works great as a make-up sealer and is ultra-refreshing if cooled in the refrigerator before use.


Note if using during pregnancy: It is best to avoid sun during the first trimester. Use sparingly.

Phyto-aromatic Mist

  • To be used after sun exposure. Can also be used to seal and encourage longer lasting make-up or to refresh the skin at any time.

    • Soothes, calms
    • Heals
    • Hydrates
    • Aromatic, soothing natural fragrance
    • Refreshes


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